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Kids can join GoKids Boston in a variety of ways.

Clinical Referral

We believe the family doctor can often serve as the first line of defense against childhood obesity and other medical conditions such as diabetes. GoKids build relationships with doctors and community health centers and makes it easy for them to refer patients.


General Membership

Parents who are concerned for their kid’s health, wellness, and nutrition will enroll them so they can benefit from an ongoing exercise and nutrition program.


Community Programs

GoKids partners with a variety of schools, community, and healthcare organizations throughout the City of Boston. Many of these programs will provide complimentary or reduced-fee access to GoKids.


Research Programs

Because GoKids is a "living laboratory," we apply for and are awarded a variety of grants to conduct research in the area of kids’ fitness and wellness. These programs need participants and participation is provided at no cost.


To inquire on current offerings and ways in which to get your child involved, please email 

GoKids Boston

Quinn Administration Building
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