Appraisal of WEF’s Perspective

The Readers' Guide offers an appraisal of GRI’s proposals for a new global governance system on four dimensions: the context, the criteria for identifying problem areas, the coverage of issues, and operational concepts. In short, the Readers' Guide asks four questions about the outcome of the GRI: Where does WEF’s effort fit in the current political debates on governance? Did it select appropriate criteria to identify problems that need attention? Was its coverage and identification of issues appropriate? How well did it examine the operational consequences of its proposals?

Given the diversity and complexity of the various individual proposals in the taskforce recommendations, this section is not comprehensive. Many of taskforce recommendations may well have advantages quite independent of the broader governance objectives of the WEF project. These, too, are not evaluated in this section. 

This appraisal should be read in conjunction with the line-by-line commentary component of the Readers' Guide. This section is intended to start a conversation about the assumptions and implications of WEF’s proposals for global governance.


The Readers' Guide welcomes commentary – critical or otherwise – of the approach above.

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