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Introduction to the Readers’ Guide

  • Dysfunctional Governance Today
  • Calls for a New International Governance System
  • Two Earlier Commissions
  • Strong Views
  • Previous Preparatory Processes
  • Thematic Global Governance Campaigns
  • The WEF Process
  • Everybody's Business

The Unique Design of GRI’s Report and the Readers’ Guide

  • Editors’ Essay and Forward
  • Five Steps
  • Four Tools
  • Four Building Blocks
  • Three Special Mechanisms
  • Task Force Reports and Concluding Essays
  • Summary Table - Steps, Tools, Building Blocks, and Special Mechanisms

Participation in the Design of WEF’s New Governance Model

  • Experts Groups by Constituency
  • Experts Groups by Geo-Political Regions
  • Experts by Gender and Constituency
  • Chairs and Co-Chairs by Institutional Affiliation
  • Summary of Advisors’ Roles

An Overview of WEF’s Perspective

  • Four New Institutional Ideas
  • A Revamped G20 and the United Nations
  • Urgency For a Change
  • Perceived Limitations of the Current System
  • New Governing Actors
  • Multi-stakeholder, Voluntary Governance
  • G20: the Global Leaders
  • United Nations and the Private non-State World

From Traditional Governance to Global Governance

  • Aligning Values and Governance Structures 
  • Managing Financial Globalization
  • Military Matters
  • The Judicial System
  • Functional Aspects of a Governance System (e.g Housing, Education, Health)
  • Managing Economic Globalization
  • Structural Aspects of a Governance System 
  • Rules, Procedures and Governmental Culture
  • Changing the Frame of Reference

Appraisal of WEF’s Perspective

  • The Context: WEF Shifts the Debate
  • Criteria and Objectives for a New Governance System
  • GRI’s first Objective: Enhanced Legitimacy
    • Gaining Acceptance
    • Constituencies
    • Multi-Stakeholderism
    • A Public-Private UN System
  • GRI’s Second Objective: Greater Effectiveness
    • Fixes to the G20
    • Opt-In-Opt-Outism
    • Fear of Enforcement
    • Fixes to the UN
    • Issue Coverage
  • Operational Matters
  • Lessons From the Past for the Future

Readers’ Guide: Concluding Observations

  • Resistance to Change
  • Three Other Out of Control Crisis
  • Two Unstated Davos Aspirational Goals
  • Knowledge-Based Challenges


Section-by-Section Commentary

Problems in Global Governance Today

Five Steps

Three Special Mechanisms

Four Tools

Four Building Blocks



Annex A: Global Agenda Councils, Young Global Leaders Taskforces

Annex B: Advisor’s Index

Annex C: Forms of Multi-Stakeholderism

Frequently Cited Works, Acronyms, and Abbreviations



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