Experts Groups by Geo-Political Regions

Everybody’s Business is a strong advocate for the G20 process. One would then expect that experts would come principally from these countries. And in fact ,it is the case that three-quarters of the experts were working for organizations in G20 countries.

Of the remaining 25% , experts  from non-G20 European countries comprised the largest group ( 11% of the total of experts). Experts from other non-G20 region accounted for less than 4% of the total. The geo-political distribution of experts based on the location of their organizational base is provided in Table 2:  

Table 2: Participants in the Expert Groups by Geo-Political Groups

Tier New Geo-Political Groupings Percentage of Participants
1 G20-based participants 75%
2 non-G20 European-based participants 11%
3 non-G20 African-based participants;
non-G20 South Asian–based participants;
non-G20 Latin American-based participants,
non-G20 East Asian-based participants
4 non-G20 Countries In Transition-based participants 0%

A breakdown by individual G20 countries of the G20-based experts is neither proportionally balanced among the 19 countries of the G20 countries 1  nor proportionate to national population of these countries. The G20 experts in the WEF panels are very highly concentrated in just two of the G20 countries – the US and the UK. Over 50% of the advisors were selected from organizations based in the US, and 17% were selected from UK-based institutions.

No other G20 country provided even 10% of the WEF’s policy experts. Four G20 countries had less than 2% of the advisors; eight G20 countries had less than 1% of participants  based in institutions in their countries. 

Only 13% of the experts came from institutions in the twelve ‘new’(non G8) members of the G20. 

Table 3 below has the distribution of participants within the G20 group of countries:       

Tier Constituency Percentage of
G20 Participants
1 based in US 54%
2 based in the UK 17%
3 based in China,
based in France
based in Germany,
based in India, and
based in Japan
4 based in Brazil,
based in Canada,
based in Italy,
based in Mexico, and
based in South Africa
5 based in Argentina,
based in Australia,
based in Austria,
based in Indonesia,
based in Russia,
based in Saudi Arabia,
based in South Korea, and
based in Turkey
Less than 1%

A complete listing of the taskforce members is in Annex B.


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  1. ^ The twentieth member of the G20 is the European Commission.
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