Summary of Advisors’ Roles

WEF, more than the UN system, has the resources to convene a truly multi-stakeholder group of experts. An examination of who participated -- and who did not -- is telling. The academy from the Northern countries is overly represented, while the universities of the South are severely under-represented. Experts from the Anglophone and common law world are dominant, while experts from non-European language groups and civil law systems are scarce. Representatives from the international corporate world are plentiful, while those from small and medium sized businesses are underrepresented. Representatives from poorer areas in the G20, or outside of the G20, are noticeably absent.

Drafts of the task force reports were developed in private communications without even an opportunity for public web-based comments. Were WEF truly committed to bridging the cultural and political divides in the world, it could have opened the participation doors and welcomed a wider range of voices into the design of a new governance system.


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