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This section of website contains verbatim extracts from the report of the Global Redesign project along with interpreted commentary by the Readers' Guide author. At the bottom of all the web pages is an invitation to engage with the relevant issues using a moderated commentary option.

The Global Redesign Initiative report, Everybody’s Business: Strengthening International Cooperation in a More Interdependent World, was launched in Doha, Qatar in late 2009.  This report is cited in the website as “GRI." The page references in the Readers Guide follows the text of the report of the project, Everybody’s Business. This is the version that is provided on World Economic Forum’s Global Redesign Initiative website.

Subsequently WEF then issued a shortened book version under the title, Global Redesign: Strengthening International Cooperation in a More Interdependent World.

The two versions of the text have slightly different layouts, slightly different presentations of the taskforce reports and therefore different paginations.

Both versions of the document can be accessed in pdf form via the WEF website. The GRI project website links to the report The book is also on available on the WEF site at The book form can also be found on

The section has the following sections:

  • Problems in Global Governance Today
  • Five Steps 
  • Three Special Mechanisms 
  • Four Tools 
  • Four Building Blocks
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