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pg. 29: . . . The challenges of scale, information and coherence inherent in deep interdependence imply that, if the international community focuses its cooperation on only one of these components of progress, it is much more likely to be disappointed with the results. 

Readers' Guide Comment on “challenges of scale, information and coherence inherent in deep interdependence

The challenges of the world today are deeply interdependent. Actions in one part of the global system can impact people, nations, and businesses in another part; inaction in one group of countries can force unnecessary challenges on communities, ecosystems, and cultural values in other groups of countries. Witness the unexpected speed of the global transmission of the 2008/2009 US mortgage crisis, the extent of global ecological impacts on polar regions from releasing carbon dioxide in temperate regions, and the daily ups and downs of global financial indicators. It is unclear how joint implementation of GRI’s Five Steps would mitigate these or other high speed transmissions of harmful effects. 

Readers' Guide Comment on “it is much more likely to be disappointed with the results”
By undermining the roles of nation-states in the international system, this reference strengthens claims for ‘plurilateral or multi-stakeholder coalitions of the willing and able’ to take on global tasks (see Building Block Three). Yet GRI does not provide any evidence that the outcome of these coalitions will be any more coherent or more capable in managing ‘deep interdependence’ than the existing system.


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