Nuclear Terrorism

pg. 16: the creation of a Global Alliance Against Nuclear Terrorism composed of states that commit to secure all nuclear weapons and materials to a “gold standard” – beyond the reach of terrorists or thieves – by embedding principles of “assured nuclear security” and “nuclear accountability”


Readers' Guide Comment on “states that commit to secure all nuclear weapons and materials to a ‘gold standard’”

This is a rather traditional state-based proposal. It ignores states with vast nuclear stockpiles that implicitly threaten other states with their land, air, and sea-based nuclear capacities. It presumes that future significant nuclear threats will come from non-state terrorists.

It is also interesting that this proposal does not include chemical and biological weapons. If WEF is serious about multi-stakeholder approaches, it should recommend that international civil society, academic, religious, and corporate representatives become formally involved in reducing all weapons of mass destruction, not just the nuclear variety.

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