Four Tools: Introduction

Four Tools: introduction

The four tools are conceptually related to Steps Two and Three. The first two tools are designed to help “strengthen the state-based part of the system where its rules and capacities are inadequate, while expanding the geometry of cooperation to capitalize on the wider availability of non-state expertise and resources.” The third and fourth tools provide the means to “deploy this augmented institutional geometry in a results-oriented push to accelerate progress on individual priority challenges.”
The third and fourth tools are analytically more relevant than the first two. These tools are design to help implement one of the core concepts in GRI’s recommendations: how to engage private-sector and civil society inside the formal institutions of international governance.    

Tool One
Extending Intergovernmental Norms and Legal Frameworks

Tool Two
Reinforce the Capacity of Intergovernmental Institutions

Tool Three
Integrate non-governmental expertise to strengthen policy formulation

Tool Four
Integrate non-governmental resources to strengthen policy implementation

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