Food Redesign

pg. 14: the creation of a Global Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Redesign Initiative [bold in the original] to provide an action-oriented strategy and set of high profile partnerships to increase the diet quality of the poor and particularly the nutritional status of children under the age of two.


Readers' Guide Comment on “creation of a Global Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Redesign Initiative”

The FAO is the third specialist intergovernmental agency that WEF envisages as an experimental arena for its ‘new geometry of cooperation’ governance system. As with the other augmented geographic experiments at the WHO and UNESCO, the GRI objective is sensitively focused on one Millennium Development Goal. What is not explained is how the addition of some corporate actors working with the inter-state system can solve a problem that other corporate Actors have in part helped to create (i.e. use of land for export crops, rather than local children’s food) or have benefited from (i.e. low paid agricultural labor).

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