pg. 32 : a multi-stakeholder review of [Education for All’s] governance, financing and institutional capacity, including a call to action to G20 leaders to engage education, development and finance ministries in the review


Readers' Guide Comment on “a multi-stakeholder review of [Education for All’s]”

WEF is proposing a ‘multi-stakeholder review’ of UNESCO’s Education for All (EfA)  program as an experimental platform for its ideas on multi-stakeholder governance and the new ‘geometry of cooperation.' The experimental recommendation, however, does not include any guidance on the selection of multi-stakeholders; the accountability of either multinational corporations or civil society organizations to implement the outcome of the review; or a commitment to finance the revised outcome. 

It also does not address potential conflict of interests by non-state Actors (e.g. those MNCs that sell educational services) or the requisite professional base of non-state Actors (e.g. those CSOs that want to exclude health and gender education from public schools).

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