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Expanding Labor

pg. 26: a major expansion of the capacity of the International Labour Organization and multilateral development banks [bold in the original] to help developing countries strengthen domestic institutions relevant to employment generation and wage progress as well as the provision of basic retirement, health and unemployment insurance systems, as envisioned by the Decent Work Agenda.


Readers' Guide Comment on “a major expansion of the capacity of the International Labour Organization and multilateral development banks”

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the multilateral development banks 1 could all benefit from strengthened capacity. If GRI’s recommendation is aimed directly at governments to come up with additional financial support, it is not very innovative. Almost all UN resolutions and declarations on development include an appeal to donors for supplemental resources.

What would have been more interesting is a proposal for alternative structural financing to enhance the internal capacities of the ILO or other intergovernmental organizations. If GRI’s recommendation for the organizations to lead the expansion of ILO capacity is multinational corporations, then WEF could well have explained how these firms have the expertise to develop 'basic retirement, health and unemployment insurance systems.'

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The Readers' Guide welcomes comments with alternative examples or counter examples, supplemental assessments of the extracted GRI text or commentary – critical or otherwise – of the above interpretation of GRI’s perspective.

  • 1. ^ Multilateral development banks references to the World Bank and all the regional development banks (e.g. the African Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank ) and the sub-regional development banks (e.g. Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF))
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