pg. 36: Each year, the troika of G20 Leaders (past, present and prospective chairs) should issue a report to the United Nations, summarizing the main outcomes of the process for the year. A group of its relevant ministers should make themselves available for annual or semi-annual hearings within the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to expand upon the report and respond to questions from non-member states.


Readers' Guide Comment on “expand upon the report and respond to questions”

WEF’s proposal to connect the G20 to the United Nations is unidirectional and top-down. The three leaders of the G20 present to the rest of the countries. Non-G20 states can pose ‘questions’ afterwards. Further enforcing unidirectionalism, the non-G20 states are not invited to submit reports to the G20 concerning the conditions of their countries. Moreover, the past, present, and future chairs of ECOSOC are not invited to present a report to the G20 on their definitions of, and responses to, systemic crises or the annual ECOSOC development theme.

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