Summary Table- Steps, Tools, Building Blocks, and Special Mechanisms

Five Steps

Step One: Redefine the international system as constituting a wider, multifaceted system of global cooperation in which intergovernmental legal frameworks and institutions are embedded as a core, but not the sole and sometimes not the most crucial, component

Step Two: Strengthen the state-based part of the system where its rules and capacities are inadequate, while expanding the geometry of cooperation to capitalize on the wider availability of non-state expertise and resources

Step Three: Deploying this augmented institutional geometry in a results-oriented push to accelerate progress on individual priority challenges

Step Four: Undertake similarly practical, targeted initiatives to strengthen legitimacy, participation and accountability in the state-based core of the system

Step Five: Expand the constituency for international cooperation by cultivating a shift in values within societies and professions grounded in a deeper appreciation of the implications of global interdependence for the achievement of their objectives

Four Tools

Tool One: Extending Intergovernmental Norms and Legal Frameworks 1

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          Creating Intergovernmental Norms and Legal Frameworks
          Creating international laws and institutions 2

Tool Two: Reinforce the Capacity of Intergovernmental Institutions 3

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          Upgrade the Mandate and Capacity of Intergovernmental Institutions 4

Tool Three: Integrate non-governmental expertise to strengthen policy formulation

Tool Four: Integrate non-governmental resources to strengthen policy implementation


Four Building Blocks

Building Block One: High-level political commitments and objectives

Building Block Two: Multilateral legal framework and institutions

Building Block Three: Plurilateral, often multi-stakeholder, coalitions of the willing and able

Building Block Four: Information metrics to assist with anticipating risks, shaping priorities and benchmarking performance


Three Special Mechanisms

Special Mechanism One: The Ongoing Role of the G20 Leaders Process

Special Mechanism Two: Upgrading Global Environmental Governance

Special Mechanism Three: Enabling More Proactive and Integrated Cooperation

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