About Us

The Haitian Studies Association (HSA) is a tax-exempt educational organization that promotes research on Haiti and Haitians, identifies and disseminates information on Haiti, and has an international network of competent experts to address Haitian issues, both from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. HSA serves as a resource for various institutions and policymakers in and out of Haiti, and encourages discussion and debate on all aspects of Haitian society in Haiti and in the diaspora. HSA seeks to foster linkages and working relationships with educational, research, and civic institutions in Haiti.

The association is hosted by the Haitian Studies Project in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Membership in HSA is open to all persons interested in advancing its goals and objectives, regardless of ideological persuasion, ethnic origin, occupation, residence, gender, or academic discipline. HSA is led by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for establishing the organization's policies and orientation.

Since its inception in June 1989, HSA has been addressing a variety of issues relevant to the many facets of Haitians' lives. It sponsors the following activities:

  • The annual conference
  • The Journal of Haitian Studies
  • Ki Nouvel newsletter
  • Roundtable discussions on Haitian policy
  • Symposia on Haitian bilingual education programs in Massachusetts and New York
  • Haitian authors series
  • Public lectures

HSA's activities are essentially interdisciplinary, combining the arts, sciences and the humanities in order to foster a better understanding of Haitian culture, social, economic, and political conditions. HSA strives to maintain a balance between Haitian policy issues and academic research. HSA is a conduit for policy research on issues affecting Haiti.

Haitian Studies Association

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