Haitian Studies Association

at the University of Massachusetts Boston


28th Annual Conference

Haiti's Eco-systems: Focus on Environmental Realities and Hopes 

Auberge Villa Cana
Partnership with Université Publique du Nord au Cap Haitien (UPNCH) & Campus Henri Christophe de l'UEH a Limonade
Cap Haitien, Haiti
November 10-12, 2016

Registration opens July 1, 2016!

Haitian Ecologies: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Environment

Environment, and more precisely our ecosystems, by very definition encompass all our activities, endeavors, researches, studies and expressive behavior. When we consider environment and its multiple eco-systems we consider the whole range of our concerns in Haitian Studies. Haiti’s ecosystem of humans, other animals, plants, geology and climate has been under various pressures since December of 1492. Species loss, increasingly serious impacts of extreme weather events, loss of good soils, deforestation, compromised clean water sources, degradation of shorelines and coastal waters and the ensuing problems in public health, in education, and in the general welfare of the population are at least partially reversible, as has been demonstrated by the successes of several Haitian organizations as well as by some international efforts.

This year, following the globally consequential World Climate Summit with international attention on environmental issues, and with an urgent call for continuing efforts each one of us everywhere, HSA can contribute an important part in the amelioration efforts. A conference centered on the many and complex issues will at raise consciousness and can lead to helpful, responsible studies and actions. Thus we propose to have our conference fully dedicated to environmental/ ecological issues.

Local Committee:

  • Fenol METELLUS, Recteur/UPNCH
  • Guyto JEAN-PIERRE, Administrateur/UPNCH
  • Herns SENATUS, Secretaire General/UPNCH
  • Angellot BELL, Professeur /UPNCH/ Directeur College Bell Angelot
  • Joseph Max VEVE, Professeur Upnch / Directeur College Toussaint Louverture
  • Audalbert BIEN AIME, President/ Campus Henri Christophe de l'UEH a Limonade
  • Angela Veve DOCTEUR/Responsable Departement- FSE-CHCL
  • Rony Bony, Secretaire de Faculte/UNDH-UDERS-CAP;
  • Eddy LUBIN,  Directeur Departemental/Ministère du Tourisme
  • Dr Charles MANIGAT, Doyen/ INUJED
  • Guylene DUPUY, Directrice Regionale/ Sogebank