Host a Conference

Want to host a conference?
We are accepting host institution bids up until 2018!

Interested institutions should submit the following documents:

• Letter of Intent from the dean of said institution
• Letter of Interest for hosting the Haitian Studies Association
• Tentative Financial Commitments

Outlined below is a list of items the host institution is to offer for the Haitian Studies Association conference:

1. Free rooms for meetings:  In recent years we have needed one large room for the plenary sessions and three to four additional rooms for concurrent sessions.  (at no cost to HSA)
2. Reasonably priced catering service for 4 coffee breaks, graduate student breakfast, and the cultural evening on Friday.
3. Reasonably priced catering service and banquet facility (180 people) for the Saturday evening award banquet. (no cost to host).
4. Arrange with local hotel to reserve at least 100 rooms at reasonable price. (no cost to host)
5. Transportation from hotel to conference location in the morning, and after the last session as well as to and from evening activities i.e. Presidential Reception, Cultural Event and Banquet. (No cost to HSA)
6. Host welcome reception (for about 90 people). (No cost to HSA)
7. Sponsorship of entertainment following the award banquet (preferably Haitian music or dance).
8. Sponsorship of the travel and room and board for the Keynote Speaker (the host may then suggest the speaker).  The HSA board will need to have final approval of the speaker.  If the board chooses another speaker, the host will not be expected to offer financial support for that speaker. Plenary speaker travel and lodging expenses will be divided between HSA and the host institution. 
9. We also encourage hosts to have an exhibit of Haitian arts if possible.
10. We also encourage hosts invite members of the local population to attend the conference.
11. An on-site committee to oversee the logistical details of the conference.
12. Staff to help with registration and other organizational aspects during the conference.
13. Registration packets with information from host institution.

In general, our institutional hosts in the United States have spent between $20,000 and $25,000 on the conference. This figure varies for the conferences held in Haiti. The cost of these meetings have varied according to the amount of funding that the hosts have been able to secure from local organizations and from different departments within that institution

Submissions can be mailed to:
Haitian Studies Association
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125

For general inquires in regards to submissions please email the Haitian Studies Association at We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposals.

Haitian Studies Association

100 Morrissey Blvd
McCormack Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 211
Boston, MA 02125-3393

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