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Serenity at UMass Boston

Track 1  Introduction (0:39)
Track 2  Calming Breath (4:11)
Track 3  Intro to Gentle Yoga for Relaxation (0:40)
Track 4  Gentle Yoga for Relaxation (16:53)
Track 5  Intro to Deep Relaxation (0:30)
Track 6  Deep Relaxation (8:31)
Track 7  Intro to Mindfulness Meditation (0:41)
Track 8  Mindfulness Meditation (16:11)
Track 9  Exercise for Releasing Tension in the Neck and Shoulders (5:40)
Track 10 Body Scan Meditation (9:14)

Serenity at UMass Boston  was produced by University Health Services, Health Education and Wellness  Program in 2006 with support from a STARS grant from the Division of Student Affairs. 

Created with busy people in mind by former Health Education & Wellness Coordinator, Lauren Mayhew, Serenity at UMass Boston tracks are shorter in length than most commercial relaxation exercise CDs, and the exercises are meant to be accessible to everyone—even those who do not have any experience with yoga or meditation. 

Lauren wrote the script, created exercises, and recorded the narrative at the studio of a former music faculty member, Peter Jansen. The CD incorporates Jansen’s music and features a cover photograph taken by Peter Shmiro of the Web Services Department.

You are free to download the mp3 files or click on the tracks to listen.