University Health Services

Mission and Values

University Health Services is committed to providing quality medical services and education to enhance and promote the health and well being of the university community.

Programs are aimed at promoting optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our services are designed to increase awareness of health related issues, assist students with making responsible decisions relative to health promotion and disease prevention, and provide quality healthcare to the University of Massachusetts Boston Student population.


Our vision is to enhance the mission of higher education through promoting optimal health and well being to the campus community.


  • We believe in human dignity, social justice and personal respect for all individuals.
  • We believe that healthcare is an individual right.
  • We are committed to the provision of prevention based student-centered health services.
  • We participate in the advancement of healthcare through research, practice and quality management.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional excellence, responsiveness and ethical practice.
  • We support the greater educational mission of the university and embrace our role within it.


  • Provide high quality, accessible, cost-effective health care and behavioral health services to the UMB campus community.
  • Heighten the awareness of health promotion and disease prevention throughout the campus and throughout the local community.
  • Assure physical space, layout, medical and technological equipment and environment is conducive to supporting up to date delivery of healthcare, behavioral health and educational services
  • Integrate our services with other departments and programs who share like goals, objectives, and vision.

All departmental services are located in the Quinn Administration Building, 2nd floor.



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