University Health Services

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights & Responsibilities

You have a Right


  • To receive high quality cost-effective, culturally sensitive health care
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To know the names and professional status of the professionals who serve you
  • To privacy
  • To confidentiality
  • To receive accurate information about your health related concerns
  • To know the effectiveness, possible side effects, and problems of all forms of treatment
  • To participate in choosing a form of treatment
  • To receive education and counseling· To consent to, or refuse, care and/or treatment
  • To select and/or change your health care provider within UHS
  • To review you medical records with a healthcare provider
  • To information about services and related costs
  • To refuse to participate in research or care provided by student healthcare providers

You have a Responsibility

  • To seek medical attention promptly
  • To be on time and if unable to keep an appointment, to cancel immediately
  • To be honest about your medical history
  • To follow health advice and medical instruction
  • To report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve
  • To respond to providers and other staff with respect and consideration
  • To ask for clarification if information or instructions are not understood
  • To comply with treatment plan
  • To respect clinic policies
  • To seek non-emergency care during UHS hours of operation
  • To provide useful feedback about your degree of satisfaction with your care
  • To pay any fees or charges you incur