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HIV Counseling and Testing

Types of HIV Tests

HIV tests can be taken either confidentially or anonymously

Confidential testing means that your name and other identifying information will be attached to your test results. The results will go in your medical record and may be shared with your healthcare providers and your insurance company. Otherwise, the results are protected by state and Federal privacy laws.

Anonymous testing means that nothing ties your test results to you. When you take an anonymous HIV test, you get a unique identifier that allows you to get your test results. Not all HIV test sites offer anonymous testing. Contact your local health department or 1-800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) to see if there are anonymous test sites in your area. Learn more about privacy and HIV testing here. 

Counseling before and after an HIV test is important because it provides critical information about HIV itself and about the testing process. Learn more about pre and post test counseling here

UHS HIV Testing Clinics

University Health Services offers confidential HIV/AIDS counseling and testing on Mondays and Thursdays.

Call 617-287-5660 to make an appointment – please give your first name and phone number only.         

CONVENIENT: Same-day testing, finger stick test (OraQuick HIV 1 -2 rapid test).  Learn more about the different types of HIV tests here. 

AFFORDABLE: Testing is only $25 for students.

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