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FAQ’s about the Student Health Plan (SHP)

Massachusetts State law requires students enrolled in 75% of full-time curriculum in any Massachusetts institution of higher education to participate in a school-sponsored qualifying student health program (“SHP”) or an alternate health plan with comparable coverage.

UMass Boston’s Student Health Plan (SHP) is offered through Aetna Student Health, a division of Aetna specializing in student health insurance.

What if I already have insurance?

If you have comparable coverage under another major medical insurance plan, you can waive the student health plan. Click here for information about how to waive the SHP.  You cannot waive the student health insurance plan if you are currently insured by Mass Health Limited, Health Safety Net or Children’s Medical Security Plan.

What does Aetna Student Health offer?

Aetna Student Health meets or exceeds state requirements, with coverage and benefits specific to college students. For complete coverage information, visit the UMass Boston page at Aetna Student Health.

Students that choose to receive their care at University Health Services also enjoy these added benefits:

Covered services rendered at the University Health Services (UHS) are not subject to the annual deductible
• No coinsurance for laboratory visits in the UHS.
• Copayment for services other than well visits - $20.00 co pay if seen in UHS.  $30.00 off campus.

How do I enroll in Aetna Student Health?

Students who are at least 75% of full time are automatically billed for the SHP. Other students wishing to purchase the plan should contact the Bursar’s Office to determine their eligibility.

How do I access services with Aetna Student Health?

You should locate a PCP or other healthcare provider using Doc Find at the Aetna Home Page


For questions about: Aetna Student Health Plan Insurance Benefits, ID Cards, Claims contact:
Aetna Student Health
77 South Bedford St.
Suite 200
Burlington, MA 01803
Customer Service 800-954-5799
email customer service

You can also access personal claims status, review benefits, explanation of benefits (EOB), print member ID cards and find providers online through the Aetna members website.

For questions about student health insurance eligibility contact:
UMass Boston Bursar's Office
Campus Center, 4th Floor, 04300

For questions about comparable coverage contact:
Missy Westhaver
University Health Services
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA

Aetna Informed Health Line 800-556-1555

24-hour, toll-free access to a team of registered nurses Read More 

Additional Answers to FAQ's from Aetna Student Health