Resources for Coping with Traumatic Events

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The tragedy at the Boston Marathon has touched many in the UMass Boston community, either directly or indirectly.  It is not uncommon to feel stress, anxiety and/or depressive symptoms following a disaster.  It is important to understand that these may be a normal reaction to a traumatic experience, and are  likely to improve and dissipate over time.  It is important to take care of yourself, physically and emotionally.  It is also important  to avoid negative coping strategies, such as using alcohol or other drugs, or isolating yourself, which may cause you to feel worse.

While most distress symptoms  are temporary and will resolve on their own in a fairly short amount of time, for some people, these symptoms may not go away as quickly as they would like and it may influence their relationships with family and friends. If you find yourself or a loved one experiencing some of the feelings and reactions listed below for 2 weeks or longer, this may be a sign that you need to reach out to a licensed mental health professional for additional assistance.  

To learn about the services available from the UHS Counseling Center click here.  You can also contact your health insurance plan to inquire about the counseling services available to you and how to access those services. 

University Health Services encourages you to explore the resources on this page and to learn about how you, or someone that you care about, may be impacted by the recent traumatic events.  We also encourage you to make use of all of the resources that are available to support yourself, or to share with others.  

Over the next several days UHS Counseling Center will host a series of drop in groups to support students in coping with the immediate. Please see the schedule below.  
For more information about these groups please call 617-287-5690. 

Coping in the Aftermath of Trauma

Drop In Groups

Tuesday  4/23/2013

10:30 AM – 12PM

1 PM - 2 PM

UHS Conference Room 2nd floor Quinn Administration Building

Wednesday  4/24/2013

1 PM - 2 PM

4 PM - 5 PM

UHS Conference Room 2nd floor Quinn Administration Building

Thursday 4/25/2013

10 AM - 12 PM

1 PM - 3 PM

UHS Conference Room 2nd floor Quinn Administration Building

Friday 4/26/2013

9 AM - 11 AM 

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

UHS Conference Room 2nd floor Quinn Administration Building


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