Community Ambassador

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Community Ambassadors (CAs) are student leaders who work closely with the Assistant Director of Off-Campus Housing to create and implement strategies to aid students in becoming engaged members of the UMass Boston community while residing off-campus. CAs serve as a primary contact between students residing in the neighborhoods surrounding UMass Boston and the Office of Student Housing.  CAs will encourage participation in campus, neighborhood, and community activities and increase awareness of both campus and community-based resources. CAs strive for student and community outreach and communication, student education, student and community involvement programming, and some minor administrative tasks. CAs will work in teams assigned to assist students in Harbor Point Apartments and/or Peninsula Apartments.

Meet Your CAs

Christian Obinna Ejimbe

Damaris "Mars" Calderon

Manasvi Masane

How to Contact Your CA

Simply email CA@umb.edu or contact the main housing office by emailing OSH@umb.edu or call 617.287.6011. It's that easy!