Human Resources

Worker’s Compensation

The University of Massachusetts Boston is committed to providing a safe working environment and to supporting any staff who may incur a workplace injury. Please take the time to inform the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and your supervisor of any situation which you believe may pose an injury risk to employees or visitors to our campus.

Forms to be completed if you are absent from work for:

0 to 5 days

  1. Incident Report
  2. Physician's Report (if necessary)

More than 5 days

  1. Incident Report
  2. Physician's Report
  3. Authorization for Release of Medical Information
  4. Concurrent Employment Review Form
  5. Employee Timesheet Authorization Form
  6. Worker's Compensation Return to Work Form

Incident Reports

For Supervisors & Witnesses

  1. Incident Report
  2. Supervisor's Accident Investigation Form
  3. Witness Report of Accident