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Professional Development

The University of Massachusetts Boston Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the continued commencement of professional development coursework open for all faculty, supervisors and staff.  UMass Boston professional development promotes employee and organizational growth through course offerings that build on skills that encourage communication, help employees to understand their style differences, deepen interpersonal skills and build relationships within teams as well as across the University.  These skill sets support the continued growth and path of excellence embraced here at the University of Massachusetts Boston.                                                                                                                     

Who Can Attend?
Workshops and certification series are available to all UMass Boston faculty and staff.  Participation in the workshops and certification seminars is on a voluntary basis, with supervisory approval.  Employees should discuss any training plans and dates with their supervisor to ensure there is adequate coverage.

How to Sign up

Go to
Click on Upcoming Workshops
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Performance Management

Performance Management is the process of developing and utilizing the skills and talents of employees for optimal organizational results.  It is an ongoing process that facilitates the planning, coaching and evaluating of employee performance.  The essence of performance management can be captured in the following set of six core strategies

  • Clarify job responsibilities and clearly state agreed upon goals/work priorities.
  • Communicate regularly by giving and receiving feedback throughout the year on performance, goals, directions and changing expectations.
  • Coach to improve performance problems and/or develop employee performance.
  • Compare performance to agreed upon objectives on an annual basis and evaluate results.
  • Cultivate continuous learning, employee growth and development.
  • Celebrate exemplary performance.

For questions regarding the trainings please contact:

Sandra Knight
Director, Human Resources Project Planning