Human Resources

Classification and Compensation

The Staffing and Compensation unit provides consultative services to managers, supervisors and employees on classification, compensation and pay issues. 


Classification of Non-Management/Non-Exempt Positions (Classified Titles)

As determined by the Human Resources Division for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, designated classification specifications are administered by Human Resources to assist departments in making appropriate hiring decisions.

A statement of the important and frequently performed duties of the position should be prepared by the hiring department in order for Human Resources to determine the most accurate classification specification and title that will best match the requirements for the job.

Position Reallocations

Classified employees and/or their manager may file an appeal of the classification of a position based on duties currently being performed.  The employee and/or their manager must complete the Position Audit Guide and submit to Human Resources.  The Staffing and Compensation Manager will complete a review of the guide and may request a meeting with the employee and his/her manager to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the position.  A decision is rendered after the review has been completed. 

Salary Administration Program for Professional/Exempt Positions  

The policies as set forth in the Salary Administration Program determine the classification and salary range level for positions held by employees who are engaged in a particular field requiring unique and highly specialized skills.  The primary work in the professional position requires advanced knowledge customarily obtained by a prolonged course of specialized study and instruction or work in a recognized field.  Each professional position is evaluated in terms of specific elements outlined in the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program.


The Staffing and Compensation Unit works with university staff to ensure employees are equitably compensated within the context of university policies, programs and collective bargaining agreements. 

The unit is responsible for: 

  • Managing all university position descriptions, large scale position reviews and reorganization of staff job responsibilities;
  • Providing consultative services to managers, supervisors and employees on compensation, classification and pay issues;
  • Administering the professional staff salary administration program, including classification of new and revised job descriptions;
  • Providing on-going review of job descriptions for professional and classified staff;
  • Developing and implementing compensation and classification studies, programs and structures;
  • Conducting and participating in market surveys;
  • Reviewing requests for equity, compression, supervisory differential adjustments, promotions and reallocations;

Current salary ranges for classified and professional staff

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