Human Resources

Recruitment and Hiring

The Department of Human Resources provides guidance and support to the university with the recruitment and hiring process for benefited positions.  We ensure that university recruitment policies and procedures are consistent with all federal and state employment laws and regulations, as well as compliant with all campus collective bargaining agreements.

Steps in the Recruitment Process

In determining the need for a new position, the hiring department should consider alignment with university’s strategic plan.  Before the recruitment process begins, approved estimated funding to fill either a vacancy or a new position must be identified and secured.  Once the hiring department obtains approval to fill a vacancy or to create a new position, it can then work with Human Resources to discuss the job description and assignment of a salary range.  The necessary forms to complete this process can be found on our Forms and Instructions page. 

Once Human Resources has determined the appropriate classification and has assigned a salary range, the hiring department must complete the Position Recruitment and Search Form and obtain all the required signatures before the position can be posted.  Once the completed form is received by Human Resources, the position will be posted on the university’s web site via Interview Exchange, the department’s applicant tracking system, for a minimum time frame as set forth in the collective bargaining agreements and the Human Resources policies.    

Placement of External Advertisements

Hiring departments should work directly with Human Resources for the placement of external advertisements.

Steps in the Interview Process   

The hiring manager and/or search committee members will be granted access to review all applicants in accordance with respective bargaining unit and Human Resources policies.  Training is available to any hiring department regarding the use of the applicant tracking system. 

Once all applications have been reviewed, the hiring manager and/or search committee members will work directly with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on approval of the interviewees.  Please note that the hiring manager and/or search committee members may be required to interview qualified applicants who are current bargaining unit members.  Please contact Kim Burke  or Krystle Santana, Department of Human Resources’ Senior Employment Specialists for more information. 

After the finalists have been selected, the hiring manager and/or search committee members will work directly with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on making the final approval on the selected candidate. 

  • For classified, professional and non-unit positions, Human Resources will approve the final salary, the hiring manager will verbally offer the successful candidate the salary approved by HR and will verbally negotiate or confirm a start date. The hiring manager then emails HR that the candidate has verbally accepted the position and advises on a start date.  Human Resources will then send the official offer of employment letter. 
  • Human Resources must approve all negotiated salaries, if different from what was indicated and approved on the hiring report, before an offer of employment can be finalized.  The department will then extend the offer to the designated candidate. This pertains to professional and non-unit positions only.  The starting salary for classified positions is non-negotiable. 
  • For faculty positions, the respective Dean will make the offer to the designated candidate, in conjunction with the Provost’s Office.

The Department Hiring Policy for Benefitted Employees provides a comprehensive outline of the recruitment and hiring process.  All of the required recruitment and hiring forms can be found on our Forms and Instructions page.