Anthony Chan Award

The Anthony Chan Award was established through a contribution by Anthony Chan to recognize the achievements of exceptional undergraduate students engaged in study about Asian American issues and involved with Asian American communities.

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2016 Anthony Chan Student Award recipient Emmi Tran with AASSP director Patricia Neilson


Emmi Tran (right), the 2016 Anthony Chan Award recipient, pictured here with Asian American Student Success Program director Patricia A. Neilson.

Past Award Recipients

Emmi Tran, 2016

Henry Ho, 2014

Jenny Chiang, 2013

Maryanne Chow, 2012

Kevin Tan, 2011

Amy Au, 2009

Sơn Ca Lâm and Songkha Nguyen, 2008

Janet Vo, 2007

Rathanak Pres, 2006

Chealyn Tim, 2005

Charles Chear and MinXian Zhao, 2004

Miwa Tanabe, 2002

Jian Qing Zhang, 2001

Catherine Suk Ling Tsui, 2000

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