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Join the Brainstorm!

Since its inception, IDEAS has enabled diverse thought leaders to forge new networks and provided the fertile ground so important to fostering innovation. It’s also enabled our valued audience and sponsors to take part in the brainstorm and innovation taking place at the university and New England.

As the region’s only public research university, the University of Massachusetts Boston is proud to have provided a platform for some of the region’s leading thinkers to push boundaries and share their latest big ideas.

After hosting six successful conferences highlighting dozens of talented innovators, IDEAS UMass Boston will be taking a hiatus, during which time we will explore alternative platforms and needs in the ideas marketplace.

Thank you to our presenters, event attendees, sponsors, and collaborators for your dedication and support.

Watch videos of the 2016 speaker presentations on the IDEAS YouTube channel and UMass Boston's YouTube channel.

Watch our highlight video and full speaker presentations, and check out photos from the 2015 conference.