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Andrew Lippman

Digital Communications Expert

Price tags that can be reconfigured to show you unit costs and calories; a program that allows you to experience any event that happened at your current location; a system that uses touch-screen networked displays so you can compare your energy usage to that of people in other areas—these are research projects Andrew Lippman is working on as head of the MIT Media Lab’s Viral Spaces research group. Lippman is also codirector of MIT’s Communications Futures Program, codirector of the Digital Life Program, and a prolific writer on the future of information and its commercial and social impact.

Lippman’s Media Lab has also produced such innovations as wearable computers and global digital television. The author of eleven patents, he has helped develop the MPEG audio and video standards that play both HDTV pictures and MP3 audio. The Communications Futures Program is a forum for the exchange of ideas between industry and academia; the Digital Life Program works to create a world where communication is fully embedded in our daily lives.


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