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Charles Derber

Sociologist and Author

Charles Derber thinks of himself as a writer who studies the "big picture" of American culture and global capitalism. His recent books focus on globalization, terrorism, the culture of hegemony, and the power of multinational corporations. He has also written extensively on the crisis of individualism that defines American life, showing how our problems of community are organically tied to economic and political forces. Derber writes mainly for general audiences, and he spends considerable time writing and speaking for mass media and magazines. His books have been translated into German, Chinese, and Polish and are addressing a global audience. He has been intimately involved in the worldwide debate about globalization, corporate power, the war on terrorism, and American empire, reflecting his view that sociologists who feel they have something important to say should write in a clear and simple way rather than dress their arguments up in technical jargon. His current work focuses on globalization, corporate power, American militarism, the culture of hegemony, and the new peace and global justice movements. The world is becoming as dominated by business values and power today as America was by the robber barons a century ago. Derber is persuaded that the overwhelming economic and cultural power of global corporations, increasingly melded with the political and military hegemonic power of the American government, will become the preeminent social issue of the next century, and that we need a new vision and political movement that can offer an alternative. Charles Deber is a professor of sociology at Boston College and has served as a director of its graduate program on social economy and social justice. Visit Dr. Derber's website.

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