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Eric Giler


Eric Giler wants you to imagine a future where cell phones, laptop computers, and electric vehicles are capable of recharging themselves without being plugged in. Flat-screen televisions and digital photos would hang on walls without needing a wire or electrical outlet for power. Giler, CEO of WiTricity, says this imagined future will soon be a reality. His company is working on commercializing a new technology, invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for wireless distribution of electricity.

WiTricity's unique technology, which is based on magnetic resonance, can transfer energy a full room's distance. This has the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for power cords and throwaway batteries, Giler says, making everyday products more convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. "Five years from now, this will seem completely normal," he says. Giler is an entrepreneur in the telecommunications field and has authored eight patents. Before joining WiTricity in 2008, he served as CEO at technology firms Groove Mobile and Brooktrout Inc.


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