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James Anderson

Climate Change Scientist

A world-renowned expert on the chemical processes that underlie global warming, James Anderson conducts research that provides scientific information critical to an understanding of climate change and the development of a global energy policy. “Many of the key observations for climate studies are simply not being made,” says Anderson, the Philip S. Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at Harvard University. His lab focuses on identifying the primary mechanisms that link chemistry, dynamics, and radiation in the climate system. In addition, it works to establish a high-accuracy record of climate change and develop strategies for testing long-term climate forecasts.

“Regaining control of the system—the global system, the energy structure, the political system—this is the challenge,” he says. “When you look at all of them together, you realize that the rates of all these changes are out of control.” Anderson is a recipient of two United Nations Environment Programme Ozone Awards, the American Chemical Society’s Gustavus John Esselen Award for Chemistry in the Public Interest, and the American Chemical Society’s National Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology.

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