About IDEAS UMass Boston:

History & Mission

IDEAS UMass Boston’s mission is to promote innovation and contribute to the economic vitality and competitiveness of the region. Through a unique conference, dissemination of new ideas after the event, and connecting cutting-edge thinkers across sectors, IDEAS UMass Boston serves as an important resource to individual innovators throughout the community, and from a civic perspective helps to build the region’s brand as a hub of innovation attractive to businesses, college students, and workers.

The core of IDEAS UMass Boston is an annual conference where leading innovators present their latest – or sometimes their next – big ideas in a fast-paced format that combines succinct and lively presentations, artistic breaks, and time for networking and discussion. This cross-fertilization across sectors provides the ingredients for additional innovation and creative breakthroughs.

IDEAS UMass Boston was created by The Boston Globe in 2004. After successful events in 2004 and 2005, IDEAS UMass Boston was reorganized as a nonprofit organization in 2006, and, beginning with the 2007 conference, IDEAS UMass Boston operated with MassINC (Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth) as its fiscal agent. In 2010, IDEAS UMass Boston moved to a new home at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the region's only public research university.

IDEAS UMass Boston has a track record for attracting top quality speakers and a diverse audience. Whether the outcomes from IDEAS UMass Boston conferences are new ideas individuals use in taking their own work in different directions, or enabling diverse thought leaders to forge new networks, this conference is providing the fertile ground so important for fostering innovation.

UMass Boston

IDEAS UMass Boston • 100 Morrissey Blvd. • Boston, MA 02125-3393

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