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 Daniel Dennett speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Daniel Dennett


Philosopher, cognitive scientist, and author who has helped to shape the debate on the moral issues around evolution, free will, and mind-body connections.

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 Barnaby Evans speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Barnaby Evans


Well known for his celebrated sculpture WaterFire, his vision and versatility enable him to combine myriad influences into works that defy traditional definitions of art.

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 Mark Fishman speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Mark Fishman

Physician Scientist

Renowned clinician and scientist known for his work in genetic and molecular cardiology, particularly embryonic heart development, and currently leading all worldwide discovery research activities of Novartis.

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 Roland Fryer, Jr. speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Roland Fryer, Jr.


Economic and social theorist who brings rigorous analysis to his consideration of the African-American experience.

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 Neil Gershenfeld speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Neil Gershenfeld


Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, he developed "fabrication laboratories," which bring design technology to ordinary people.

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 Marc Hauser speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Marc Hauser


By studying monkeys and apes, as well as infants and adults, Hauser has unlocked some of the mysteries of language evolution, conceptual representation, social cooperation, communication, and morality.

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 Deborah Henson-Conant speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Deborah Henson-Conant

Composer, Electronic Harpist

She builds new worlds from sound and stories and is revolutionizing the way the world sees this ancient instrument with her cross-genre jazz-pop-comedy-folk-Flamenco-Celtic music.

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 Hugh Herr speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Hugh Herr

Mechanical Engineer

An accomplished rock climber despite amputations below both knees, he uses his experience to develop enhanced rehabilitation technologies and robotic mechanisms to address a wide range of needs.

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 Eric Von Hippel speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Eric Von Hippel

Innovation Expert

Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at MIT's Sloan School, he is renowned for his work on the nature and economics of distributed and open innovation.

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 Paula Johnson speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Paula Johnson


Nationally recognized for her leadership in women's health, focusing on policy, research, and clinical care and how that tripartite mission can offer better access and quality of care for all women.

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 Melinda Lopez speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Melinda Lopez


Award-winning playwright who uses her Cuban-American heritage as a backdrop for dramas that address timeless and universal questions of humanity.

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