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 Tod Murphy speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Tod Murphy

Farmer, Entrepreneur

Tod Murphy, organic farmer and businessman who is building the Farmer's Diner in Barre, Vermont, discusses his plans to make it a national model for economically viable and environmentally sound restaurants that support local family farms.

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 robert_pozen speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Robert Pozen

Finance & Retirement Expert

Best known for his business leadership, public service, and proposals to fix Social Security, he has wide-ranging intellectual interests that also include an exploration of autism.

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 Lisa Randall speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Lisa Randall


Professor of physics at Harvard University, she conducts research that focuses on string theory and the idea that there are multiple dimensions in space.

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 Amy Smith speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Amy Smith


A MacArthur Fellow and mechanical engineer who creates elegantly simple, life-enhancing solutions and laborsaving technologies for the developing world.

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 Charles Vacanti speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Charles Vacanti

Tissue Engineer

A renowned anesthesiologist and pioneer in the field of tissue engineering who has discovered ways of rebuilding body parts from a single batch of cells.

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 Conor James Walsh speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Conor James Walsh

Mechanical Engineer

A PhD candidate at MIT, he and his team developed an innovative robotic device that will improve needle biopsy procedures, decreasing the risk of complications.

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 Barry Zuckerman speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Barry Zuckerman


Prominent physician and advocate who challenges the way we think about health care by emphasizing prevention and developing programs to promote school readiness and to ensure that families' basic needs are met.

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 Mahzarin Banaji speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Mahzarin Banaji


How our unconscious prejudices and attitudes conflict with conscious beliefs and individual responsibility is the focus of this noted Harvard psychologist’s research.

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 Angela Belcherv speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Angela Belcherv


MIT professor combines genetics, biology, engineering, and computer science to manipulate virus genes into building blocks for microscopic transistors, connectors, and computer chips.

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 Kim Blair speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Kim Blair

Sports Technologist

Aerospace engineer, founding director of the Center for Sports Innovation, and member of Team Psycho, an elite triathlon club that uses technology to improve athletic products and performance.

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 Barry Bluestone speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Barry Bluestone


The presidential consultant and Northeastern University political economist is also a founding member of the Economic Policy Institute, the first organization to focus on the economic conditions of low- and middle-income American families.

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