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 Kim Blair speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Kim Blair

Sports Technologist

Aerospace engineer, founding director of the Center for Sports Innovation, and member of Team Psycho, an elite triathlon club that uses technology to improve athletic products and performance.

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 Barry Bluestone speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Barry Bluestone


The presidential consultant and Northeastern University political economist is also a founding member of the Economic Policy Institute, the first organization to focus on the economic conditions of low- and middle-income American families.

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 Susan Briggs speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Susan Briggs

Trauma Surgeon

An internationally renowned MGH trauma surgeon who specializes in emergency response to large-scale disasters anywhere in the world.

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 Rodney Brooks speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Rodney Brooks

Robotics Specialist

Author of Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us and featured in an Errol Morris documentary, the AI expert is working on ways for robots to actually "think" rather than just perform programmed tasks.

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 James Collins speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

James Collins

Biomedical Engineer

BU professor and MacArthur Fellow, he combines physics and biology to transform cells into microscopic computers that could someday help solve health problems.

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 Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio

Architects, Designers

Merging visual arts, architecture, and the performing arts has gained this husband-and-wife team high-profile commissions like the new Institute for Contemporary Art on Fan Pier.

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 Juan Enriquez speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Juan Enriquez

Author, Life Science Expert

The futurist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of a ground-breaking book on how genomics and other forces are changing life, work, health and wealth.

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 Arthur Ganson speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Arthur Ganson


Self-described as a cross between a mechanical engineer and a choreographer, Ganson is a kinetic sculptor who creates ingenious mechanical sculptures.

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 Osvaldo Golijov speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Osvaldo Golijov

Composer, Music Professor

A two-time Grammy nominee and MacArthur Genius Award winner, he creates contemporary classical works drawn from his Jewish heritage and Argentine homeland.

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 Leonard Guarente speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Leonard Guarente

Molecular Biologist

Calorie restriction and natural substances in red wine are part of this MIT molecular biologist's work on how to add decades to expected lifespans.

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 Gloria White-Hammond speaks IDEAS Boston 2004

Gloria White-Hammond

Minister, Social Activist

Inner-city pediatric and adolescent specialist whose writing and mentorship program has won national acclaim. Also helped liberate over 9,000 Sudanese slaves as part of a ministerial coalition.

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