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 Mark Edwards is the executive director of Opportunity Nation speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Mark Edwards

Social Mobility Advocate

As the executive director of Opportunity Nation, Edwards is leading the charge to close the opportunity gap in America. Opportunity Nation, a campaign of Be The Change Inc., seeks to increase economic mobility by advocating for national policies that will allow future generations to be economically successful. Edwards believes that where you start in life on the economic ladder should not determine how high you climb.

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 Picture of Smarterer cofounder and CEO Jennifer Fremont-Smith speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Jennifer Fremont-Smith

Technology Entrepreneur

Jennifer Fremont-Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Krash, a network of shared living spaces, called KrashPads, where residents
 immerse themselves in the culture of entrepreneurship 
and innovation by co-housing with like-minded people for connections, mentorship, and fun. Founded in March 2013, Krash has locations in Boston, New York City, and Chicago.

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 Cofounder of Formlabs Maxim Lobovsky speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Maxim Lobovsky

3D Printing Engineer

Cofounder of Formlabs, which produces affordable, high-resolution 3D printers for professional creators. The company was spun off from the MIT Media Lab in 2011 with a goal to develop a high quality, low-cost 3D printer that would enable designers and engineers to create 3D forms with the touch of a button.

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 Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga’s research focuses on the viral-host dynamics in persistent viral infections such as HIV. speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Katherine Luzuriaga

Physician and Researcher

At the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dr. Luzuriaga’s research focuses on the viral-host dynamics in persistent viral infections such as HIV. As a physician and scientist, she is passionate about translating research discoveries into practice. She is internationally recognized for her research on preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission and her work on early therapies for HIV-1 infected infants.

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 Dr. Nish Sonwalker is an innovator in adaptive learning technologies. speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Nish Sonwalkar

Academic, Scientist, and Musician

An innovator in adaptive learning technologies, Dr. Sonwalkar has spent many years studying and how people learn and creating tools for more effective education. Dr. Sonwalkar is an entrepreneur, professor, and researcher who has developed many educational technologies and learning management systems while serving as director of the Hypermedia Teaching Facility at MIT.

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 Randolph Tanzi is best known for his work on discovering genes linked to Alzheimer's disease. speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Rudolph Tanzi

Researcher, Musician

Tanzi is best known for his work on discovering genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. He has been investigating the genetics of neurological disease since the 1980s, when he participated in the first study to use genetic markers for disease—in this case, Huntington's disease. In his free time, Tanzi plays keyboards, most recently with Aerosmith.

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 Edward Tronick, developer of the still-face paradigm speaks IDEAS Boston 2013

Ed Tronick

Infant Development Expert

Tronick is a world-class researcher and professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, recognized internationally for his work on the neurobehavioral, social, and emotional development of infants and young children, parenting in the United States and other cultures, and infant-parent mental health. Tronick developed the still-face paradigm, which has become a standard experimental method for studying infant social and emotional development.

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 Leonardo Bonanni speaks IDEAS Boston 2012

Leonardo Bonanni

Consumer/Supplier Advocate and CEO

Founder and CEO of Sourcemap, the first crowd-sourced database of supply chains, whose software shows consumers and companies where and how their products are made—including the social and environmental impact of production

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 Picture of David Cancel speaks IDEAS Boston 2012

David Cancel

‘Startup Doer’ and Chief Product Officer

Founder and brains behind several successful marketing software companies, angel investor; now working with HubSpot, popular and effective inbound marketing software pioneers

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 Picture of David DeSteno speaks IDEAS Boston 2012

David DeSteno

Social Emotions Researcher

A professor of psychology and director of the Social Emotions Lab at Northeastern University, renowned for his research examining the ways emotions shape moral and economic behavior

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 Picture of Carl Dietrich speaks IDEAS Boston 2012

Carl Dietrich

Inventor and entrepreneur

Private pilot, CEO and CTO, and co-founder of Terrafugia, a Woburn company that has built the Transition vehicle, the “plane you can drive."

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