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 Nathan Ball speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Nathan Ball

Inventor and Entrepreneur

Inventor, entrepreneur, athlete, musician, TV host, and co-founder of Atlas Devices, a lifesaving equipment company that makes a powered rope ascender – a real-life version of Batman’s grappling setup

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 Daryl Collins speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Daryl Collins

Financial Strategist and Author

Coauthor of Portfolios of the Poor and director at Bankable Frontier Associates, a niche consulting practice in Boston, Collins is leading research efforts to build on an expertise in the demand-side dynamics of development finance.

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 Chico Colvard speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Chico Colvard


After pursuing a career in theatre arts, filmmaker Chico Colvard received his J.D. from Boston College Law School and now teaches race, law and media-related courses at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a former Filmmaker-in-Residence at WGBH, a member of the Producer's Lab at Firelight Media and Sundance Institute Creative Producing Fellow.

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 Claudius Conrad speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Claudius Conrad

Surgeon and Musician

Director of Music in Medicine of the Department of Surgery and the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, concert pianist, and an advocate for the scientific use of music to aid patients and physicians.

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 Elliot Davis speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Elliot Davis

Museum Curator

John Moors Cabot Chair of the Art of the Americas Department at the Museum of Fine Arts; spearheaded the planning and installation of the museum’s new wing which offers a broader definition of “American” art by including more than 5,000 works from North, Central, and South America.

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 Joan Fitzgerald speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Joan Fitzgerald

Urban Policy Expert

Director of the Law, Policy, and Society Program at Northeastern University, author of the recently-released book Emerald Cities: Urban Sustainability and Economic Development , and one of the country’s leading authorities on environmentally effective urban policies

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 Eric Giler speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Eric Giler


CEO of WiTricity, serial entrepreneur in telecommunications fields, and author of multiple patents, currently working to commercialize the recently developed technology enabling wireless electricity

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 John Halamka speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

John Halamka

Physician and Medical IT Expert

Clinician, author, researcher, and CIO of Caregroup Health System and Harvard Medical School, focusing on the use of technology for patient records and related issues of confidentiality, standards, and scalability

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 Lawrence Lessig speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Lawrence Lessig

Legal Scholar and Ethicist

Acclaimed expert in constitutional law, cyberlaw, and intellectual property, and director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, focusing on questions of governance and corruption

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 Daniel Lieberman speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Daniel Lieberman

Evolutionary Biologist

Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and an expert and advocate of barefoot running, Lieberman explores how the human body grows, develops and functions.

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 Andrew Lippman speaks IDEAS Boston 2011

Andrew Lippman

Digital Communications Expert

Head of MIT Media Lab's Viral Communications program and codirector of the Communications Futures program, and a prolific writer on the future of information and its commercial and social impact

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