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 Joseph Ayers speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Joseph Ayers

Biomimetic Robotics

Professor of biology and former director of Northeastern’s Marine Science Center best known for his RoboLobster, his recent research using technology to mimic biological organisms and processes may someday help rehabilitate people with traumatic brain injuries.

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 Robin Bowman speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Robin Bowman


A photojournalist devoted to documenting social and political issues at home and abroad, her 2007 book It’s Complicated: The American Teenager chronicles her five-year journey across America to explore the shape of this generation and the country that formed them.

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 David Edwards speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

David Edwards

Art/Science Innovator

Founder of Le Laboratoire, an artscience center in Paris dedicated to experimental collaboration between artists and scientists, author, and Harvard professor of biomedical engineering interested in developing new cultural and educational environments for innovation.

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 Noah Feldman speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Noah Feldman

Constitutional Law Scholar

A Harvard Law professor, author, and lecturer who specializes in constitutional studies, with particular emphasis on the relationship between law and religion, constitutional design, and the history of legal theory, his book The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State was published in April 2008.

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 Paul Goodnight speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Paul Goodnight

African Cultural Artist

A world-renowned painter known for his colorful realism that captures the extraordinary in the lives of ordinary people around the world, his recent commissions include a triathlon triptych for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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 Sheila Kennedy speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Sheila Kennedy

Architect & Inventor

Principal of Kennedy & Violich Architecture, an interdisciplinary practice that explores relationships among architecture, technology, and emerging public needs. Kennedy creates design concepts and building projects that accelerate the implementation of energy-harvesting nanomaterials in architecture, textiles, and building materials.

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 Vikram Sheel Kumar speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Vikram Sheel Kumar

Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur

Cofounder of Dimagi, a healthcare informatics consultancy, and a pioneer in the field of community-based chronic disease management who focuses on creating technologies specially customized for the conditions encountered in the developing world.

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 John Lester speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

John Lester

Online Academic Evangelist

Boston Operations Director for Linden Lab, creator of the online world Second Life, where he leads the company’s efforts supporting use of Second Life as a platform for education and academic research, focusing on strategies for success.

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 John Maeda speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

John Maeda

Designer, Creative Innovator and Academic

President of the Rhode Island School of Design, and a world-renowned designer, visual artist, computer scientist, and author known for his philosophy of humanizing technology.

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 Dava Newman speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

Dava Newman

21st Century Space Suit Designer

An MIT professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems, his BioSuit System advanced space suit research, was named by Time magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2007, and was part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2008 “Superheroes” exhibit.

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 David Rattner speaks IDEAS Boston 2008

David Rattner

Trailblazing Surgeon

David Rattner believes an innovative natural orifice approach to surgery is imminent. Chief of general and GI surgery at MGH, Dr. Rattner serves as co-chair of the national organization NOSCAR, a research consortium of world-renowned surgeons and endoscopists who are working together on perfecting surgical approaches that will hasten recovery and be less painful for the patient.

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