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 John Warner speaks IDEAS Boston 2007

John Warner

President and chief technology officer for the Warner-Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and a pioneer in the use of innovative materials to reduce waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

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 Stefane Barbeau and Duane Smith speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Stefane Barbeau and Duane Smith

Industrial Designers

Product designers who founded Vessel, an innovative design and distribution company that combines quality, unique design, and simple solutions to reinvent everyday products.

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 Alan Berger speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Alan Berger

Landscape Architect

Associate professor of landscape architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and founding director of its Project for Reclamation Excellence (P-REX); author of the award-winning Reclaiming the American West.

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 Alexis Borisy speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Alexis Borisy

Biopharmaceutical Engineer

A chemist who has helped to grow a variety of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, he is the founder and CEO of CombinatoRx, focused on developing new medicines built from synergistic combinations of approved drugs.

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 Robin Chase speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Robin Chase

Transportation Entrepreneur

Founder and former CEO of Zipcar who is currently investigating ways in which wireless technology can be used in the transportation industry to reduce dependency on fossil fuel.

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 Steven Dawson speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Steven Dawson

Physician, Technologist

An expert in medical simulation technologies, he is part of a team attempting to create a complete synthetic human that can simulate responses to injuries and medical procedures, making "the practice of medicine" safer for patients.

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 Daniel Dennett speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Daniel Dennett


Philosopher, cognitive scientist, and author who has helped to shape the debate on the moral issues around evolution, free will, and mind-body connections.

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 Barnaby Evans speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Barnaby Evans


Well known for his celebrated sculpture WaterFire, his vision and versatility enable him to combine myriad influences into works that defy traditional definitions of art.

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 Mark Fishman speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Mark Fishman

Physician Scientist

Renowned clinician and scientist known for his work in genetic and molecular cardiology, particularly embryonic heart development, and currently leading all worldwide discovery research activities of Novartis.

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 Roland Fryer, Jr. speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Roland Fryer, Jr.


Economic and social theorist who brings rigorous analysis to his consideration of the African-American experience.

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 Neil Gershenfeld speaks IDEAS Boston 2005

Neil Gershenfeld


Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, he developed "fabrication laboratories," which bring design technology to ordinary people.

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