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The four cohorts of the Coasts and Communities Program have been recruited and the application process for IGERT fellowship has closed. Here you can access a list of expectations, prepared specifically for the fellows. 

The program does not accept applications any longer.

You will need to prepare a 500-word essay describing the reason(s) for your interest and the relevance of your previous work to the IGERT Coasts and Communities Program. Follow the general admission requirements and show proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency at the time of application, as is the requirement of the National Science Foundation. You need to have applied and be considered for acceptance at one of the following programs: environmental science, environmental biology, marine science and technologyglobal governance and human security, or business administration.

In addition to sending all the required documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions, applicants must submit a copy of all these materials to the IGERT program via email at

Associate Fellowship Applicants: PhD and master's students currently in one of the associated programs or applying for one of the associated programs can apply for an associate fellowship (which does not have the citizenship requirement) from April 1 to August 15 for the following academic year. Applicants can apply for the Associate Fellowship by filling out an application form. A list of expectations, prepared specifically for the associate fellows, is accessible here.

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