Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly Dining

UMass Boston’s kitchens and dining service use biodegradable and compostable bags. The campus is a leader in its zero-waste dining program.

Organics composting began at UMass Boston in the late 1990s and has grown to become a comprehensive zero-waste program over the years. The campus has been using biodegradable and compostable bags since the 2000s and in the spring of 2005 it established a zero-waste dining program with compostable bags and food ware and comprehensive recycling in its dining halls.

Additionally, the campus was featured in the Boston Globe for being one of the first to feature organic, fair trade coffees. Organic and fair trade coffees are now widely available all over campus.

UMass Boston has a reusable cup discount and has vastly expanded its local, vegetarian, and global cuisine offerings.

UMass Boston also hosts Campus Kitchens, which participates in food recycling, hunger relief, and nutritional information programs.

For more information regarding dining on campus, Campus Dining offers a variety of local, vegetarian, and international offerings that reflect the cosmopolitan student body at the campus. It also hosts Global Chef culinary events. You can even order a special Earth Day menu.

Student government at UMass Boston passed a resolution in February 2012 to limit the use of disposable bottles. Since 2012, hydration stations on campus have saved more than 400,000 bottles from reaching the landfill.