Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are answers to some frequently asked questions about IT at UMass Boston. Tip: to show the answer, click "Show answer." :–)

UMass On-Line Resources

  1. Since installing Internet Explorer 10, I cannot use UMass administrative systems (WISER, WebNow, etc). How do I fix this?
  2. How do I access my WISER account?
  3. How do I change or reset my password for WISER, email, Blackboard, etc.?
  4. What is my username for WISER, email, Blackboard, etc.?
  5. What is my default password?
  6. What are the email servers for setting up my email?
  7. How do I report an error or request a change to the UMass Boston web site?
  8. How do I disable my pop up blocker for HR Direct / Blackboard?
  9. How do I clear the cache and cookies from my browser after logging in to WISER, etc.?


  1. Does UMass Boston offer software for faculty or staff?
  2. Is there any training available for these products?
  3. I am using Windows XP. Do I have to upgrade?
  4. What security/anti-virus software should I use?
  5. What software is available for students?

Computer Training

  1. What training workshops are being offered at UMass Boston?
  2. Is there other training available?

Computer Security

  1. How do I protect my PC from spyware and other malware?
  2. How do I protect my password?
  3. Do you have more tips on safe computing?

Network Issues

  1. How do I get access to the UMB-Staff-Fac wireless network?
  2. How do I get access to the UMB-Guest wireless network?
  3. I am having trouble connecting to the UMB-Student Wi-Fi network. Are there any troubleshooting tips?

Computer Hardware

  1. How do I have surplus equipment removed from my office?
  2. How do I fix a computer or printer problem?
  3. Are there discounts for buying computers through UMass Boston?