Information Technology

Campus Administrative Systems


This category includes those IT systems that support the administrative functions of the campus, such as the human resources and finance systems; event management; document sharing, and IT application and database services.

For quick access to most of the administrative systems, including HR Direct, Finance, BuyWays, Summit, Student Administration, and WebNow, go to the Connect To page.

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Please clear your browser cache and cookies (temporary files) before logging in to Finance 9.1 for the first time.

Human Resources

As a result of the June, 2015, upgrade of the system, you may experience problems viewing the web pages and entering data in HR Direct.  Until the issue is resolved, please click here for a workaround.

Log in to HRDirect via Human Resources website

HR Direct Interactive Tutorials:

Document Imaging

The Chrome web browser may not be used with WebNow. 

  • Log in to WebNow  (Enter only your campus email user ID (firstname.lastname) and email password. Remember to select the Boston campus.)

Problems logging into WebNow?  WebNow requires Java on your computer.  These documents contain important information regarding Java:

Event Management (R25)

Xythos File Sharing