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If you have questions or problems, please call the Procurement Help Line (7-5060).

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University Purchase
OfficeMax University Purchase Guide
OfficeMax Job Aid

Personal Purchase
UMass Boston Employee Purchase Login Request Form
OfficeMax Personal Purchase Guide



Creating a Template
Apple Registration Job Aid
Apple Return Process Job Aid

Federal Express
Contact:  James Igo, Sales Exec @617-901-0137 or          

E & I Contract Overview
FedEx FAQ’s

Job Aids for Requisitioners

Updating Your Profile (Updated November 2014)
Creating and Approving a Catalog Requisition (Updated November 2015)
Determining Whether a Vendor Is Set Up in BuyWays
Creating and Approving a Non-Catalog Requisition (Updated November 2015)
Acting on an Assigned Shopping Cart
Acting on a Returned Requisition
Requesting a Change to a Purchase Order (Updated September 2014)
Creating a Bid-Only Requisition
Requesting a Budget Override
Handling Shopping Carts in BuyWays 
Finding Out If a Purchase Order Has Been Paid

Most Frequently Used Account Codes and Commodity Codes

Job Aids for Approvers

Approving or Returning a Requisition
Department Match Exception Process
Approving or Returning a Requisition in an Email Message
Approving or Returning a Requisition in the SciQuest Mobile App

Job Aids for Shoppers

Updating Your Profile (Updated November 2014)
Creating and Assigning a Shopping Cart in BuyWays (Revised November 2015)
Handling Shopping Carts in BuyWays (Updated May 2014)


Useful for All Users

Looking Up a Vendor in the PeopleSoft Finance System
Comments in BuyWays
Document Search
Creating, Saving and Exporting Reports with the Document Search Function
Customer Service Numbers for BuyWays Showcase Vendors   (Revised 3/2/2015)   
Accounts Receivable Contacts for Catalog Vendors (As of 4/29/16)
Viewing Blocked Content in BuyWays Punch-out Sites (4/1/15)

Bio-Rad eQuotes in BuyWays
MSC Industrial Supply Co. eQuotes in BuyWays

Contact Info for Dell Quotes

Dell eQuotes in BuyWays (Updated 11-2-15)
Dell Sales Generated Custom Quotes (Updated 4-1-15)

LifeTech eQuotes in BuyWays (Updated 7-30-14)
Sigma eQuotes in BuyWays
Agilent eQuotes in BuyWays

  Fastenal Overview for Customers
  Fastenal eQuotes in BuyWays
  Fastenal Punch-out Site  
Doing Business with Home Depot