Information Technology

Document Imaging Help for GPDs, Assistants and Committee Members

Access to WebNow
Send a message to Peggy Roldan Patel (, Director of Graduate Admissions, to request access to the system as a Graduate Program Director, a GPD Assistant, or an Admissions Committee member.

Logging in to WebNow
Click here to log into WebNow.

On the login page enter your campus email user ID (firstname.lastname) and campus email password.  Select the Boston campus.

WebNow Help
On-line tutorials, videos and printable documents are available to assist you.  You may also contact Linda Perrotto ( in IT to arrange a training session.

Screencasts (Videos)

Click on the Video link.  Be sure to turn up your sound.

Topic Screencast
Understanding WebNow Video
Using Document Keys Video
Viewing a Document Video
Searching for a Document Video
Creating Filters Video
Finding Applications in the Processing Queue Video
Understanding Application Linking Video
Approving or Denying Applications (GPDs Only) Video








On-line Tutorials

The UPK (UMass Productivity Kit) Player allows you to view a tutorial in several modes. The course guide link will take you to a document containing instructions for every topic in the UPK.  When you open the UPK Player, expand the list of topics and click on one, you will see a link to a job aid with specific instructions for that particular exercise. 

When you click on a link below to the UPK, a new window will open.  Click on the + to expand the list of topics.  After you select a topic, you will be able to choose a mode.   The "See It" mode allows you to watch a brief video; the "Try It" mode waits for you to click and enter values; for the "Know It" mode you must first print out the job aid for the topic and then follow the directions.

How to Use the UPK Player

Be sure to allow pop-ups.

WebNow Fundamentals                             UPK

WebNow Document Management               UPK

Job Aids and Communications

Introductory Newsletter

How to Manage Your Document Imaging Email in Outlook 2003

How to Manage Your Document Imaging Email in Outlook 2007

How to Manage Your Document Imaging Email in Outlook 2010

How to Manage Your Document Imaging Email in WebMail (Office 365)

WebNow Quick Reference Guide

How to Set Related Documents to Appear Automatically

WebNow Java Requirement Instructions

Setting a Default to Open Documents in a Larger Size

How to Move from One Related Document to the Next

Step-by-Step Instructions for Graduate Program Directors

Applying a Digital Signature to a Profile Sheet