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IE 10 Compatibility View

Set Internet Explorer 10 to Compatibility View

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the default web browser in Windows and used by many people to access our administrative systems. Unfortunately, IE 10 can cause problems with some systems. For instance, in WISER or WebNow you may receive the error "An error has occurred on the script on this page. Unable to get property style of undefined or null reference."

Most of these problems can be solved by viewing the page in "Compatibility View." To view all pages in Compatibility View, follow these steps.

1. In Internet Explorer 10, go to the Tools menu. If you do not see the menu bar (File Edit View etc.), press the Alt key and the menu bar will appear.

IE 10 menu bar

2. From the Tools menu, choose "Compatibility View Settings."

3. In the Compatibility View settings dialog box, you can choose to add individual web sites to the list that will be shown in Compatibility View, or simply choose to have all pages shown in Compatibility (recommended) as shown below.

IE 10 Compatibility View settings dialog box

4. Click "Close" to save your changes.