Information Technology

Reserving a Lab for Classroom Use

Reservation Timeline Policies


You will able to view the current reservations. Bookit will activate your account within minutes once it verifies that you are a faculty or staff member. After you reserve the labs, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

The University of Massachusetts Boston academic programs lasting the entire semester will get first priority, followed by short term reservations (i.e., for one day or one month only). Grant funded programs not directly related to the students enrolled in the university meeting the deadline will be processed next. Any reservations regardless of program status received after the deadline are filled on availability and first-come first-served basis.

Verify that the software you need is available in the computer labs. Information about classroom and public labs, hardware and software resources, lab reservation usage policies, reservation procedures and deadlines can be found here:

The blue, white, gold, purple, Mac A, and Mac C labs are available for classroom reservations. Please use our Bookit online system to see which labs are available for reservation. Log in to Bookit with your email username and password to view the schedules. Within minutes your account will be activated once you are verified as a faculty or staff member. Once your account is approved you can then use Bookit to submit your lab reservations online. Our designated scheduler will then review your reservation request(s) and contact you via email to confirm your reservation.  Once your reservation is confirmed, it can be viewed in the Bookit online calendar. The process for deleting a Bookit reservation is the same as making a reservation.  After you edit or delete your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation of the changes. If you wish to request specific software for installation in your lab then please fill out the software request form in addition to Bookit.

Software Installation Policy

Confirmations, Cancellations, and Changes  Policies